If you aspire to an international position in business or if you would like to attend an international Bachelor or Master course in English, a high level of English is required. Petra’s Taaltrainingen offers you a tailor-made Cambridge course. Even if you have dyslexia and learning English is difficult to you, Dyslexia Coach Petra is here to help you with the right approach!

Petra’s Taaltrainingen offers all Cambridge English courses, both General English and Business English.

Then why choose for a Cambridge course at Petra’s Taaltrainingen?

There are a lot of reasons:

  • the teacher works with the English phonetic sounds. As a student you will learn how to use this sound system in order to look up the pronunciation of the word and practice the pronunciation verbally yourself. You will no longer be dependent on the teacher for pronouncing the words correctly
  • the teacher is a dyslexia coach as well. When you have issues with the grapheme to phoneme (G2P) correspondence the teacher will help you with learning strategies to make learning English easier. You will study English with more self-confidence and learning words will be a lot easier
  • you will learn the differences between the Dutch and the English sentence structure in order to be able to check whether your written pieces are grammatically correct
  • you will learn which words are appropriate to which situation. Examples are: job interviews, asking someone to do something for you, giving your opinion during a meeting or making an appointment by phone
  • the teacher makes use of visual materials which support the explanation
  • the teacher makes use of effective reading, listening and speaking strategies. These could also be applied to other studies and activities; in case you have to read a lot of English textbooks and lectures and/or presentations are in English
  • you will learn the English grammatical terminology in order to be able to correct your written work yourself
  • the assignments in the course are focused on speaking and writing the English language in real-life situations. The content of the themes is geared to these as well

What distinguishes Petra’s Taaltrainingen?

Every course is a tailor-made course with 100% attention to your learning objectives, pace and level based on the Cambridge courses. Below you will find two examples of a tailor-made course.

Training Business English course level B1

In this course 12 business themes will be dealt with. Some examples are: what does your work involve, meetings, going on a business trip, applying for a job, presenting the company, products and services, health and safety, organizing a congress. In each theme you practice with the components: writing, listening, speaking and reading. You will learn Business English vocabulary, grammar and the teacher will complete this course with a lot of informal and formal English. These are for example: synonyms, proverbs and sayings.

Moreover, the teacher prepares you perfectly for the exam. The exam training is included in the price. During the course a lot of speaking and pronunciation skills will be practiced. In this course the grammar is integrated and the focus is on oral communication. In addition, role plays are an important part of the course with the practice of vocabulary and grammar.

You also do a lot of writing assignments: drawing up a CV, writing a cover letter, accepting an invitation, confirming an appointment, making a press release, drawing up a complaints letter, making a progress report and drawing up a contract.

The content of the course is tailor-made and is adapted to the themes and skills you need for your work or study.

Conversation English for Beginners

In the Conversation English for Beginners course I work with a communicative method which is aimed at adults with the focus on speaking, listening and reading skills. You also do various writing assignments. In this course you will learn about the culture and daily life in different English speaking countries. In each chapter you will learn words and sentences that you can immediately apply in a real conversation. Only the most important grammar is offered. But, you do learn the grammar in such a way that you will be able to express yourself in English at a good level, both verbally and written.

Themes which are covered: greeting people, introducing yourself, telling about your daily life/hobbies/work/family, shopping, food and holidays. In each chapter you will learn new words and expressions. A lot of role plays are being done during the course. For example: making a phone call, asking for directions, apologizing, spelling out your name and address, inviting someone and congratulating someone. It is a fun course with many different topics from daily life.

The teacher pays a lot of attention to pronunciation and dare to talk in English.