If you would like to work or study in the Netherlands, a good command of the Dutch language is required. You are an expat and you prefer communication well with your Dutch colleagues or you are looking for tuition in order to be well-prepared for the inburgeringsexam or state exam NT2-I or NT2-II.

Petra’s Taaltrainingen is here to help you with a tailor-made NT2 course.

Why learn Dutch?

If you arrive in the Netherlands for living, working or studying a good command of the Dutch language is a must. Being able to speak and write Dutch properly is a necessity if you would like to integrate well in the Netherlands and to function well in a job. Without having knowledge of the Dutch language you cannot get to know the Netherlands and its inhabitants very well. In addition, most work in the Netherlands is being done in Dutch with Dutch-speaking colleagues and clients. As an international student or a scientist with knowledge of the Dutch language, you have better chances for a nice job.

What’s it worth?

  • you can communicate more pleasantly with your colleagues or fellow students
  • it easier to make contact with the Dutch and this increases the chances of having friendship with the Dutch
  • you are able to network in the Netherlands as most network events are in Dutch
  • it helps to build up good professional relationships
  • it expands your social life in the Netherlands
  • you get to know Dutch culture through the Dutch language: you will have a better understanding of Dutch culture
  • Dutch is a beautiful language and because of this you will able to enjoy Dutch literature, movies, music, dance and theatre

To put it briefly: learning Dutch is an investment in your future!

All NT2 courses start with the basic grammar Dutch: sentence parsing, word classes and verb tenses.

Why should you learn this?

You will always need grammar when learning a foreign language. Grammar is found in all four parts of foreign language learning: speaking, reading, listening and writing. You need grammar to understand the structure of the language to be learned and to apply it in the language to be learned. Once understood the structure of your own mother tongue with accompanying terminology, a foreign language is easier to be learned. Moreover, you will discover the differences and similarities between your mother tongue and the foreign language.

Then why choose for a NT2 course at Petra’s Taaltrainingen?

At Petra’s Taaltrainingen every language course is a tailor-made course. The courses are offered out of Dutch, English, German or Spanish. You will learn the differences between the Dutch and for example the English language with respect to grammar and use of words. You will learn which words are appropriate to a situation in English, but how do we say the same in Dutch. The teacher connects the course to your prior knowledge of your mother tongue or to other languages you already speak. At Petra’s Taaltrainingen these are: German, English, Dutch, French or Spanish.

Petra’s Taaltrainingen offers the following courses:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Dutch communication course beginners level A1/A2
  • State Exam courses NT2-I and NT2-II
  • Pronunciation
  • Dutch proverbs and sayings
  • Business Dutch
  • Reading proficiency and extending your vocabulary
  • Writing
  • Business Dutch for advanced non-native speakers

Sample courses:

Basic Dutch for beginners on level A1

The course consists of ten themes. Some examples are: meeting and greeting, daily life, professions, eating and drinking, clothing and asking the way.

During the course a lot of communication activities will be practiced. Listening is also a very important part in this course. The teacher completes this course with Dutch proverbs and vocabulary belonging to the theme. Moreover, the teacher tells about the Dutch culture which belongs to the themes and attention will be paid to the differences and the comparisons between the Dutch culture and the student’s motherland. The teacher pays a lot of attention to pronunciation and dare to talk in Dutch.

Course Business Dutch on level B1

The course is focused on verbal communication. Five business themes will be dealt with: culture, making a phone call, introducing yourself, giving a presentation, meetings and negotiating. Every theme consists of 2 lessons. They offer reading texts, idiom, listening comprehension, conversation and writing skills.