If you want to learn a language properly with plenty of room to achieve your goals and practice in a safe and stimulating environment, then you are cut out for an individual language course at Petra’s Taaltrainingen!

While teaching group classes, I noticed that students in a group:

  • often feel they are not being seen or heard
  • let others who are verbally stronger talk and don’t dare to say anything because they feel ashamed or overruled
  • do not dare to ask questions
  • have the feeling they will never learn
  • feel inhibited and insecure with other people around them
  • experience a shortage of time to practice speaking or have an urgent need to practice listening, reading or writing
  • cannot keep up with the pace or the pace is too slow
  • cannot choose their teacher/language trainer
  • have classes at a time that does not suit them
  • would like to have more explanation and need more attention from the teacher

The above-mentioned reasons convinced me that an individual language course is the best option for some people.

Offering individual language courses is my passion and my specialty. I like giving 100% attention to one student and tailor the lessons and its content to the student’s needs. It gives me great pleasure to help students develop confidence and ability in the foreign language.

Moreover, I love learning and teaching languages and enjoy learning about other cultures. I give students room to practice the difficult sounds of the foreign language in their own way. In addition, I look for additional materials with appropriate exercises or I create exercises myself in case the student would like to practice with a specific language component. I always try to connect to the student’s prior knowledge of other languages. This often helps to overcome a hurdle in the student’s learning process.

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