What distinguishes Petra’s Taaltrainingen?

Petra is convinced that an individual language course is the best option for a lot of students in order to start learning a new language.

Petra’s Taaltrainingen wants to offer quality and stimulates the independence of the student in the language to be learned.

Grammar and pronunciation form the basis of every training course. The goal of every course is the student being able to express himself/herself correctly in the language to be learned, both verbally and in writing.

Petra’s Taaltrainingen offers the student plenty of room and time to learn the language properly through step-by-step learning.

Offering individual language courses is Petra’s passion and her specialty. She likes giving 100% attention to one student and tailors the classes to the student’s need. It gives her great satisfaction seeing students develop confidence and ability in the language to be learned.

Moreover, she loves learning and teaching languages and enjoys learning about other cultures. She gives students room to practice the difficult sounds of the new language in their own way. In addition, she looks for additional materials or she creates exercises herself in case the student would like to practice with a specific language component. She always tries to connect to the student’s prior knowledge of their mother tongue or their other languages. This often helps to overcome a hurdle in the student’s learning process. If you want to learn a language properly with plenty of room in order to achieve your goals and practice in a safe and stimulating environment, then you are cut out for an individual language course at Petra’s Taaltrainingen!

  • Tailor-made courses
  • Quality
  • 100% attention
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Pleasant learning environment

Target groups

  • Pupils and students
  • Emigrants and immigrants
  • Employees
  • Tourists